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You have completed your

Canine Hydrotherapy Foundational Online Training!

Fred graduating

There are a couple of things to do before you go…

1) If you are planning on opening your own facility, download our "Guide to Opening a Canine Hydrotherapy Facility". 

If your dream is to open your own canine hydrotherapy facility, we have prepared this guide to help you along the way. It's an invaluable tool to anyone contemplating such an amazing goal.  
It'll help in the many aspects and considerations of opening your own facility - from start up planning to preparations for opening day.  It's full of advice, experiences, references and more.  It is our complimentary gift to you!

2) Using the NEXT STEPS form below: 

  • Submit the name you would like on your Certificate and email address to send it to.

  • Choose the day you prefer if you would like a consultation call with Lianne via Zoom. 

  • Send in your testimonial about your experience and enter to win a Swim Parka to use at your pool.  


Name on Certificate and Email address: 

Here is your chance to ask any questions you have or discuss your future dreams.

Zoom Consultations are held twice a month on:

  • The first Wednesday of the month at 6:00pm EST    

  • The third Wednesday of the month at 8:00pm EST


Finally, we are hoping you'll help us to spread the word about Canine Ripples by providing a testimonial about your experience.

If you would like to participate, please add a few sentences below about what you thought of the course and how it'll help prepare you for your new carreer.

To thank you for contributing, you'll be entered into our yearly draw for a chance to win a warm Swim Parka, perfect for when you get out of the pool!

Swim Parka for the winner of our draw

Thank you! You'll receive your certificate soon!

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