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Ready for an exciting career as a Canine Hydrotherapist?

Upcoming Hands on Training session:​  

June 4, 5 & 6 - cancelled due to COVID lockdown resrictions

July 2, 3 & 4

July 30, 31 & August 1

August 27, 28 & 29


A $200.00 deposit is required to secure a place for the Hands on Trainings, as there is a limit of only six students per training session . . . so book soon!

Note: You can begin the online

portion of the course at any time.

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 Hands on Training (HoT) in the pool is conducted at HERO K9 & Wellness Centre, a canine hydrotherapy and training facility, 35 mins from Ottawa,  in Kemptville, Ontario, Canada.

Training with various dogs in the pool is essential to integrate the knowledge you've acquired and obtain the handling skills needed to be a professional and confident Canine Hydrotherapist.




The practice of canine hydrotherapy isn't regulated in Canada, nor is there a government regulation body or association to oversee our training standards. 


Our course reflects the accumulation of years of operating a successful hydrotherapy business and a desire to ensure the highest level of professionalism in the industry.


After completing the online modules, passing our exam and completing our hands on training or internship, students will have achieved the level of standards that we have set. They are awarded a Certificate of Achievement that states students have completed the Canine Ripples Canine Hydrotherapy Practitioner Training.  

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The online course provides you with the theory and practical knowledge that forms the foundation for all the healing work you will do in the pool.


You can take the online learning

modules wherever and whenever

it is convenient for you.

Once you have completed the

final module, you are ready to

move on to the Hands on Training

portion of the program.

1: Hydrotherapy Overview


Simply, we will cover: What Canine Hydrotherapy is?  Why it is beneficial? Who is it for?  How does it happen? Where does it happen?

9: Pool Management


We'll cover how to manage and operate your pool so that you can achieve and maintain good, safe water quality. 

6: Canine Pool Psychology


We'll cover common behaviours you'll experience while swimming dogs. Knowing these allow you to quickly establish trust and ensure safety for you and the dog. 

2: Hydrotherapy in Practice


Discover what consists of a "typical day" as a hydrotherapist. Everything from: setting up and conducting swim sessions; client relations; operational activities; complimentary services; other modalities; bathing and drying techniques; etc.

7: Handling & Techniques 


Presented is an overview of techniques that can facilitate a dog's healing and how to create specific movements safely and appropriately for the dog’s condition.

3: Properties of Water


The key aspects of pool swimming are covered, such as: buoyancy, hydrostatic pressure, viscosity, resistance, temperature and how to use them to your benefit.

8: Pools & Equipment

We'll look at pool design and the types of equipment that you'll need to enhance your swim sessions and to ensure safety of the dog, you and the client.

4: Canine Anatomy & Physiology


We'll explore the main systems and how they function. As well, the anatomical directions and planes and commonly used terminology, as it pertains to hydrotherapy will be presented.

5: Common Conditions


We'll review the most common conditions where the benefits of hydrotherapy can be achieved. These conditions can become the base of your practice and services offered.

10: Final Assessment


To complete the theory portion of your course you will be presented with 25 questions that cover the key teaching points covered.

Three Day HoT Session 
Ten Online Learning Modules:

This program consists of two components:

1. Ten online learning modules.

2. Three intense days of Hands on Training (HoT)  in the pool.

Hands on Training days are scheduled throughout the year, but it is highly recommended that you complete this training shortly after you have completed the online course.

It will be a busy three days so you need to come prepared to be in the pool and ready to learn. You will be learning with actual clients and their dogs. In the intensive three day training session you'll learn and practice:

  • handling a variety of dogs with a variety of conditions

  • using various techniques used in aiding each individual dog’s swim program based on their condition

  • applying what you have learned about canine anatomy, physiology  and psychology

  • applying what you have learned about the various conditions

  • conducting an intake assessment with a new client

  • building custom swim programs 

  • creating a relationship with the dog, the owner, the veterinarian and other practitioners involved in the dog’s program

  • responding to a medical emergency

  • using massage techniques in the pool

  • honing your listening and observation skills

  • using your intuition and building confidence

  • creating a safe environment in which to swim dogs


You'll swim a variety of dogs throughout the three days so that you can gain experience with many types of conditions, and various breeds, sizes and ages.


We'll also cover the practical side of running a hydrotherapy practice, such as operational activities, record keeping and managing the pool.


At the end of this training session you'll be awarded with a Certificate of Achievement as a Canine Hydrotherapist.


The course consists of ten online learning modules, plus three days of intensive 'hands on training' in the pool. After completing the online modules, passing the exam, and completing our hands on training, students will have achieved the level of standards that we have set and are awarded a Certificate of Achievement that states students have completed the Canine Ripples Canine Hydrotherapy Practitioner Training.  


The complete course is $1999.00 CAD + 13% HST. 


We realize that students may wish to do the online learning modules and the hands on training separately.  It is important to note that students will not receive their diploma until both parts of the course are complete. 

The online learning modules only are $1029.00 CAD + 13% HST.   This allows students to start the online modules any time and be able to book their Hands on Training at a later date.

The Hands on Training only is $1029.00 CAD + 13% HST.  This allows students that may already be certified to have a "refresher" training.


3 Industrial Drive

Kemptville, Ontario


Tel:  613 315 1368

Hydrotherapy Practitioner Training


We established Canine Water Wellness, a canine hydrotherapy facility, in 2009. At that time we were long time friends, and then became new business partners. Having a love for animals, we embarked upon a new career together that ultimately became our passion and our life.


Together we learned a lot about establishing a new business, creating a safe healing space for our clients

and helping the healing process of dogs – physically, emotionally and mentally. 


We began training because we wanted to share the knowledge and skill that we’ve gained, but more importantly, we wanted to make sure that those that do embark on the same path as we did, do so in a

professional manner. 


Currently, there is no governing body that oversees or regulates canine hydrotherapy in Canada. This means

that we must all be responsible to work ethically and within our scope of practice.


Our promise to you...

We will provide you with the benefit of our over 15,000 hours of experience as canine hydrotherapists. 


This industry is growing and canine hydrotherapy is simply the most rewarding thing we have ever done! 

Jennifer Donaldson

Lianne Zitzelsberger

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