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Course Experience

What our students have to say...


Absolutely amazing course! Such great instructors & incredibly informative course. Definitely recommend!!

Brittney Campbell-Dyke, September 2, 2021

Top Notch Course, with great hands on and instructors. They guide you every step of the way!! Highly recommend it. So worth it!

Jax Graves, September 2, 2021

An amazing course, the instructors were very informative and helpful.

Deb Baston-Scott, September 2, 2021

Students in the pool
Students in the pool

I can’t say enough about how great this experience was. The expectations I had were far exceeded, everyone involved in teaching this course had so much knowledge and the resources to answer any questions. I would highly recommend this course to anyone!!

Erin Clarke Tomlinson, July 2019

The experience I had with Lianne and Jen was, one of compassion and understanding of our canine friends. They both compliment each other to express the fulfillment of assisting and helping our fellow companions when they need help the most.


I learned a lot, but will continue with my knowledge that I have learned knowing they are there to guide us when needed. It was brilliant THANK YOU so much.

Claire Sojka‎, May 2019

If you are considering a career in Canine Hydrotherapy, the course offered by Canine Ripples is absolutely invaluable! Jennifer and Lianne go above and beyond to ensure that when you complete this course, you will have all of the necessary skills to make a proficient and trustworthy hydrotherapist.


The online module's offered before the hands on portion of the course provide you with a fantastic base knowledge of canine anatomy, common medical conditions and pool maintenance-just to name a few. By including the hands on portion of the course, we were able to try new swimming techniques, learn what worked and what didn't, and get a really good handle on what it felt like to swim dogs of all sizes/conditions.


I can't say enough about how knowledgeable both Jennifer and Lianne are. Not only was the hands on portion of the course extremely useful, it was genuinely a ton of fun! Thank you, thank you, thank you to the ladies at Canine Ripples for their dedication and sincere love for healing animals.

Erica McCann‎, May 2019

I attended the Canine Ripples Hydrotherapy course this past weekend and it was a phenomenal experience. The online course, done prior to the weekend, provided extensive information  and knowledge, that allowed me to get the most out of the three day hands on experience.


We worked with some significantly mobility challenged pups which provided a very meaningful, real-life experience. Lianne and Jennifer were right there to guide and assist, and provide tons of useful suggestions and guidance. I would highly recommend this course to anyone considering a career in the growing industry of hydrotherapy.

Carol Alvin‎, May 2019

I can’t rate Canine Ripples and their hydrotherapy practitioner course high enough. I’d give them an 11 out of 10 if I could because they truly put 110% effort into their training.


We have hosted two of their courses here at The Barkitorium. On the first, I was very impressed by their preparation, knowledge, and enthusiastic teaching methods. Then, for the second course, they were even better. Lianne and Jennifer are constantly looking for ways to ensure their students learn as much about providing canine hydrotherapy as possible. The students swam 18 dogs over three days, and for each they did a proper intake with the dog’s owner. After each session, they conducted thorough debriefs to reinforce the students’ understanding.


The theoretical part of the course that each student completes before swimming any dogs is equally well thought out. It provides an amazing array of information that every hydrotherapist needs, from identifying various parts of a dog’s anatomy to proper handling in the spa. But the on-line course is also filled with tips and invaluable suggestions that Lianne and Jennifer have picked up over the years of swimming many, many dogs.

Rick Baggs

Owner of The Barkitorium, Canine Hydrotherapy & Aquatics

Student in the pool
Student in the pool
Students in the pool
Students in the pool
Students in the pool
Students in the pool
Students in the pool
Students in the pool
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