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Facility Employee Training

We are always working to provide a professional, safe, and compassionate environment for our canine and human clients. As facility owners, we know that having qualified, educated staff is critical in achieving this goal.

Our foundational online training can help you to provide your employees with the expertise they need to fulfil their role and make a positive impact on your business.

The convenience of having your employee(s) learning the fundamentals online and then completing their training at your own facility allows them to study from home, eliminating the cost and time of travel.  This will also reduce the time you will spend training every time you have a new employee and they will all have the same base knowledge.

Training at Canine Ripples

About Our Course

Canine Ripples provides foundational canine hydrotherapy training.

Our course is based on years of experience of owning our own hydrotherapy facility, which we opened in 2009, and swimming hundreds of dogs with varying degrees of conditions and severity.  It covers key concepts, such as, anatomy, common conditions, canine psychology, handling techniques and much more. 

We began teaching canine hydrotherapy at our facility in 2012 and now have moved our course completely online, in hopes of reaching more people and educating them about this amazing field.  Our wish is to do our part in making canine hydrotherapy accessible everywhere and to any dog that needs it.        

The vision of Canine Ripples is to help to ensure that the standard of care and treatment provided to canine patients and clients is always of exceptional quality. We hope the ‘ripple effect’ of our training will help to set the standard within our industry.              


Canine Ripples online training has met the high standards and approval of the International Association of Animal Massage and Canine Water Therapy (IAAMB) and have been awarded as a Preferred Educational Provider.

This ensures that we uphold a high standard of training and learning experience for our students.

Please contact Canine Ripples for more information

Course Details

Students complete the thirteen online modules, followed by the assessment. Upon passing, they receive their Certificate of Completion. This is where you take over the practical training in your own facility. 

Students will apply what they have learned in the course and hone their handling skills with the protocols, standards, and techniques used at your facility.  We provide you with our Internship Kit that will help guide you and your employee(s) in completing the practical side of their training. 

example pages from the online training

We realize that it is expensive to sponsor training for employees. 
Therefore, we are offering all hydrotherapy facilities a 25% discount for all staff member(s) that you would like to offer this training opportunity. 

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Price:   $1499.00 CAD
With a 25% discount ($375.00) the cost is
reduced to  $1124.00 CAD  

plus applicable tax if residing in Canada

Please contact Canine Ripples for more information  


Below are a few words from Shari Seymour, owner of Indoor Dog Pool and Fitness Centre in Pickering Ontario, who has been training her new staff by using our online course for years. 

Shari Seymour

“I feel the Canine Ripple’s Canine Hydrotherapy course is a balanced, accurate and informative program covering the fundamentals of Canine Hydrotherapy which I am happy to endorse. Because of my confidence in their program, it is a prerequisite for all new employees who wish to work as Canine Hydrotherapists at my facility.”  
Shari Seymour

And here is what Lauren Peterson, owner of Chinook Canine Rehab in Lethbridge Alberta, had to say...

Kailyn holding her certificate

Congratulations to Kailyn for completing her Canine Hydrotherapy certificate with Canine Ripples! Course well done! Kailyn is our in house Rehab Assistant and now Canine Hydrotherapist.

Lauren Peterson DPT. Dip Canine Rehab,

owner/ Physiotherapist

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